Dec 26, 2008

DeLuxe? Exhibition : works vol.4

putiluxe rug by Katrin Sonnleitner

Asterism-1 by nosigner

photo: Masaharu Hatta

DeLuxe? Exhibition 出展作品の紹介vol.4

ドイツのKarlsruhe(カールスルーエ)で活動する Katrin Sonnleitner による作品 putiluxe rug は、プチプチ(R)シートを重ね合わせて作ったラグマットです。5層のシートは、それぞれ緻密な計算に基づいてカットされており、それを重ねることで重層的で奥行きのあるシンメトリーな幾何学模様が完成します。putiluxe rug は、プチプチ(R)シートを重ねただけのシンプルな作品にも関わらず、5層の気泡は十分な厚みと質感を持っており、その華麗な装飾美からも一見しただけでは、梱包資材からできているとは思えないほどの高いクオリティーを持っています。画像ではわかりづらいのですが、サイズは200x115cmです。

putiluxe rug by Katrin Sonnleitner

putiluxe rugは、良く知られた梱包資材を東洋の敷物のような豪華なファブリックに見立てており、ドットの基列が模様となっています。気泡シートには保温効果があり、ラグの上では足元が冷えることがありません。複数枚のプチプチ(R)シートは非常に耐久性に優れており、ラグの上を歩く人の荷重は均一に気泡に加えられますが、時折、馴染みのある気泡のはじける音が聞こえてくるかもしれません...

Asterism-1 by nosigner

プチプチ(R)がもっている正三角形のグリッドパターンを生かして、正三角形の集合で出来た立体を作ることにしました。このAsterismは、数学者が発見したKaleido Cyclesという立体幾何学の原理と万華鏡の原理を応用して作られた、変形する照明器具です。合計八個の正四面体が星型につながり、連動しながら回転することによって、光の向きや強さを調整することができます。また、正四面体の内部に取り付けられた3枚の鏡が、正四面体の中に空間的な奥行きを持たせ、今までにない、曼荼羅のような光の広がりを体感することができます。この黒く大きな星型から生まれる様々な「星座(Asterism)」を、星が瞬く夜にお楽しみください。

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A short review of DeLuxe? Exhibition vol.4

Karlsruhe-based German designer Katrin Sonnleitner made a rug of a 5ply air bubble sheet. She cut five Puti Puti(R) sheets with carefully figurations and laid them one on the top to express an united symmetric geometry pattern. The putiluxe rug is durably thick and full of qualities although its construction is just as simple as five layers of sheets. The rug is massively gorgeous and so splendid that someone cannot recognize it's made from ordinary packing materials at first glance. The putiluxe is sized 200 x 115 cm which is enough for one or two to relax on it.
Asterism-1, designed by young Japanese designer nosigner, is a lighting device ringing eight regular tetrahedrons. He applied the principles of three-dimensional geometry to develop a star Asterism-1. You can change the direction of lights and the form of the device itself as you like by twisting ringed geometrical pyramids.Mirrors and small LED bulbs are attached inside of the shades, and the beams of light reflect a fantasy of radiances to the walls and a ceiling around. A combination of matted black Puti Puti(R) sheet and bright shiny white LED bulbs seems just like stars twinkling in the beautiful black night. Asterism-1 has the diversity that the user can decide the form of the reflection and can make atmosphere at their will. This lighting device is definitely interactive.
The following commentaries are descriptions by designers.

putiluxe rug by Katrin Sonnleitner

The putiluxe rug uses the well-known packaging material as a fabric for a luxurious object - an oriental rug. The dot-matrix is used to create the pattern. The air bubbles have an insulating effect so your feet won't get cold when walking on the rug. Although the several sheets of Puti Puti(R) will be quite stable and the weight of a person who walks over the rug is applied evenly on the bubbles maybe you'll hear the familiar sound of a popping bubble every now and then...

Asterism-1 by nosigner

By using the regular grid of equilateral triangles in Puti Puti(R), I tried to make a beautiful object with assembled equilateral triangles.
“Asterism-1” is the transformable lighting object which is applied the principles of 'Tetrahedra' and 'Kaleido Scope'.
This star shaped lighting has 8 consecutive regular tetrahedrons. By the behavior of Tetrahedra, which is the geometrical rules of these tetrahedrons, you can twist them inwards or outwards while they show different side of each tetrahedron.
Also, you can change the strength and directions of lights continuously with this behavior.
There are 3 mirrors in each tetrahedron. These mirrors make the 3 dimensional sceneries within them and they add special effect to the lights. You will see the new lighting scenery like Buddhism mandala.
I hope you will enjoy the various star constellations of Asterism-1 at night under twinkling stars.

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